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Signs Of Bug Trouble In Your Tree

tree removal in NHIt is officially bug season, and it is time to pay attention to your trees so you can keep them safe. Bugs are some of the leading causes of diseases in your trees. Once the bugs get a hold of the tree they can cause many issues, from creating caverns in the tree to leaf problems. When the problem gets too out of hand, the only solution would be tree removal in NH, but you can stop the problem before getting to that point if you know what to observe.

Bugs are a natural part of nature, and a few is not an issue. When your tree becomes infested with the bugs is when the genuine issues begin. In New England, we do not have many problems that plague us, but we do have a few that will plague our trees. Here are a few bugs, listed by Bayer, that we think you will see as you tend to your trees.

Scale Insects

These insects form bumps on trees that could kill the tree if the infestation gets too bad. By sucking the juices from the plant, they can create black mold while attracting other insects like ants and wasps to them. They tend to feed on fruit trees and shade trees, and you can usually tell by looking at the bark or for yellowing/browning leaves. If you catch it early enough, you can try to identify the insect and use the proper spray or treatment options.

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

Caterpillars are adorable and turn into butterflies or moths. Either way there is a 50/50 chance on what they turn into, and for the most part, they are harmless. However, the Eastern Tent Caterpillar attacks trees throughout the early spring in the Northeast. A colony of these guys will typically spin nests in younger trees and feed off of the leaves like normal. However, where there are so many of them, they end up killing the young tree. The trees they tend to nest in include the birch, maple, oak, and some fruit trees like the apple tree – a lot of trees that are common in our backyards. The best you can do is to try to remove any of these webs when you first see them starting to form.

Emerald Ash Borer

Getting to the more invasive side of the bug issue with many trees, we get to the Emerald Ash Borer. This beetle is only about ½ an inch long, but it is the larva that you need to observe. These larvae eat the “tissue beneath the bark that moves water through the tree.” The only way to notice these guys would be their effect on an already dying canopy. However, once they get seen, trees could die within a couple of years. There is no way to prevent these bugs, other than insecticide treatments which will allow for them to die off, but it is only really worth it if the tree is still living.

Nature is beautiful and horrifying. When it comes to being able to figure out how to protect your trees, it comes to knowing the common bugs in the area. You will also need to talk to your arborist to see what trees you have. You can then do some research about what may affect your trees. As always, talk to KMA Tree Service and we will be able to help you find out if there is a chance of saving your trees or if you need tree removal in NH.

Why You Should Invest in Tree Trimming

tree service in Newton, NHAnyone who owns property knows just how important it is to maintain each and every inch of it. Even the yard needs to be maintained every once in a while, which means dealing with bushes, trees, and grass. The upkeep can become tedious, which is why tree trimming is such a popular service. KMA Tree Services specializes in tree service in Newton, NH, and we believe tree trimming is a great investment. Allow us to explain why this service is so important below.

Trees Look Better

The most obvious benefit, of course, but important nonetheless! Once you invest in tree trimming, your trees will look their best and most polished. They will look prominent, in good shape, and have a much more pleasing aesthetic overall.

It Increases Safety

Keeping stray branches or trees in your yard is akin to leaving a ticking time bomb behind. When left unattended, trees can inflict some serious damage on property once they come undone. Proper maintenance will ensure that no stray branches or other pieces will pose safety threats.

Removal of Excess Material

Sometimes, there are hidden materials and roots that have no place in your yard anymore. A solid tree trimming or tree removal will ensure that any displeasing, excessive parts of trees will leave the yard. KMA Tree Services is ready to provide this type of quality tree service in Newton, NH.

It Promotes Growth

Removing dead, excessive, or rotted parts of your trees will help them grow exceptionally well. Trimming excess branches and other material provides plenty of room for roots to spread evenly and stay hydrated.

These are just some of the reasons that tree trimming is a quality investment. If you are seeking this or a similar tree service in Newton, NH, please give KMA Tree Services a call at (978)-373-1779!

Why Choose KMA Tree Service?

tree service in Newton, NHIf you require tree services, it can be difficult to find the right company to get the job done correctly. There are plenty of qualifiers to consider, and you should be very well aware of what your needs are from a company. We at KMA Tree Service are proud of our ability to provide many kinds of tree service in Newton, NH, and believe you should choose us for your next job.


KMA Tree Service has been in the business for quite a while. We have over 25 years of experience under our belt, which has helped us learn all kinds of tricks and trades and become the expert tree service providers we are today. You can trust us to do a thorough, well thought out job!

Plenty of Processes

We are happy to provide a variety of services for our customers. Whatever kind of tree service in Newton, NH you need, chances are KMA Tree Service can assist. From tree trimming to removal, we are equipped to do it all and leave you satisfied.

Customer Service Matters

We believe in providing quality service, sure, but we are also big fans of treating our customers right! We are happy to work with customers and collaborate to make the experience a good one. Our experts are professional and friendly, and you can always count on us to be courteous.


Keeping up with a budget is important, and we will gladly provide an estimate of our services to you so you can plan ahead. Once you get the figure we provide, you can decide if you need our services or not. Hopefully, it is to your satisfaction!

For just about any tree service in Newton, NH, we hope you consider KMA Tree Service for the job. To learn more about our company and services, please give us a call at (978)-373-1779!

The Importance of Pruning

Trees can sometimes be tricky, however the certified arborists at KMA Tree Service are here to answer all of your foliage questions! The most commonly asked is “should I have the trees in my yard pruned?” After all, trees growing in the forest are not pruned by anyone, and yet, they seem to grow just fine. The answer lies in the fact that trees within an urban landscape are under much different circumstances than trees growing in nature. Landscape trees grow much differently, therefore, tree services in MA are in order that including pruning!

Trees in a urban landscape setting tends to be planted with ample room around them, to then allow them to develop full crowns. Unlike trees in the forest that grow fast and tall to reach the sunlight before neighboring trees cut them out, sunlight is all around them. Therefore, branches grow outwards as well as upwards! Canopies can also become thick with interior branches that causes crossing and rubbing. The crowded interior growth often becomes shaded and dead branches, as a result of a maturing tree. The full sunlight can put different stresses on trees which can cause many types of problems, which then become amplified when they are close to targets like a building, power line, or parking lot.

Proper tree services in MA, like pruning, of commercial landscape trees, starting while they are young will give a tree a strong and attractive structure. Professionally pruned trees can live longer, with less serious insect and disease issues, and are able to cope with punishing winds and the weight of snow and ice.

What types of branches are typically pruned out of a tree to create a healthy structure?

  • Dead branches– these can be a source of insect and disease, as well as safety issues.
  • Rubbing or crossing branches– these types of branches can become weak and break, or become another entry point for disease
  • Interfering branches– branches that may be hanging down too low or getting too close to buildings
  • Large horizontal branches– excessive weight leads these types of branches to break.

For more information about pruning your commercial or residential landscape trees, call KMA Tree Service at (978) 912-7795 today!

Summer Tree Care: KMA Tree Service and Maintenance Tips

This season has been a hot one! The heat and dry weather of the summer months can have a very negative effect on trees and plants. Acquiring tree services in MA during the warm season is extremely important in order to keep them strong, healthy, and looking beautiful throughout the year.

Whether you need tree trimming, limb clearing, pruning or full tree removal, summer is the best time to focus on tree services in MA and care so that you have healthy trees year-round! It is definitely safe to say that KMA Tree Service knows a thing or two about tree maintenance. Here is a list of the best ways to care for your trees this summer:

Inspect your trees and shrubs.

Keeping an eye on your grass and flower beds are the easy part! In fact, this probably happens regularly, but remembering to look up once and a while to check the health of your trees can be easily forgotten. Especially after the harsh New England winter, it is important to check your trees for damage. Also, be sure to check for insect infestations and diseases, wounds, and decay. If there is any sign of concern, KMA Tree Service is here to help!

Prune dead or unsafe branches.

Not only does summer bring the sun, the sand and fun activities, it also brings in those strong summer storms! It is always the perfect time to prepare your trees for any weather that may come. Ridding the tree of unsafe, dead, damaged or diseased branches will help ensure the structure is strong and will also encourage healthy future growth.

Prune large established trees.

When it comes time to prune large trees, it is best to hire a qualified tree care professional who has the proper skill and equipment needed. When pruning your trees try to consider the natural form of the tree whenever possible. However, a professional tree service in MA, like KMA Tree Service, not only has the skill and proper equipment, they are also ISA Certified Arborists and therefore know what is best for your trees!

For more information about tree service in MA or other maintenance tips, contact KMA Tree Service at (978) 373-1779