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Why Prune your Tree?

Why Prune your tree?

Pruning is one of the strangest sounding gardening terms that is used to date. Gardening is typically for the rose bushes and your garden. However, it is important to consider tree trimming in Haverhill, MA as well. Your trees are every bit as much of your garden as the rest of what you can reach as a homeowner. That is -why it is important to maintain your tree as well.

The main question we get asked is how can you tell when you need to trim your tree. With pruning roses it’s easy, you trim as many of the spare stems as you can so the majority of the water goes to the flower so that it can bloom. For a tree however, how can you figure out the trimming process?

For the basics we went to the University of Minnesota where they discussed the benefits and process of pruning so you can have the healthiest garden on the block.

Why Prune?

Pruning, interchangeable with trimming, is used to promote healthy growth. Like with cutting your hair, it is said to stimulate new growth for luscious healthy leaves. Pruning removes any dead branches, touching branches or stubs that just suck water that could be redirected to the leaves.

Pruning is also used to control the shape of the plants. Square bushes aren’t that way naturally. The same goes for trees. If you want to maintain a certain size and shape for your tree pruning goes along way. It will continue fresh growth but also make sure that the tree is safe. Especially in today’s lifestyle where electrical lines cross roads, it is important to make sure your tree doesn’t touch the power lines so you use pruning to control the shape of the tree to avoid the lines.

Those are some basics for all plants and pruning. It is not only a visually pleasing aspect and helping the tree grow, but also it will help clear any obstructions in vison and electrical wires. There are specific pruning techniques for trees however.

Common pruning for trees

According to the University there are about four very common pruning types for trees in particular.

Crown Thinning

This has a “strong emphasis on removing weak branches” particularly in young trees as they are growing. This will help promote healthy growth for the healthy branches. Just be careful with mature trees, as they will begin to die if you prune too much.

Crown Raising

This is actually pretty close to what it sounds like. You trim the lower branches to create a higher canopy to decrease obstruction.

Crown reduction

Again, fairly close to what it sounds like. You trim the top of the large tree to reduce height. This leaves no stubs but should only be done if necessary, like for power lines or the like.

Crown Cleaning

Removing “dead, dying, or diseased” branches from the canopy.

Tree trimming can be done fairly regularly as needing. So it is important for your local Arborist to come take a look and let you know what pruning can be done. If you need a tree trimming in Haverhill, MA then give KMA Tree Services a call at 978-373-1779.

Benefits of Healthy Trees

The benefits of plants are well known when it comes to what they can do for oxygen levels and cleansing the air. This is why many individuals have plants in various locations in their home so that they can bring in the positive energy and create an added oxygen benefits. Trees can offer many of the same benefits to the outside of your home. Healthy trees especially can create an oasis that you can be comfortable in many ways. Tree trimming in Haverhill, MA can help you keep beautiful healthy trees so you can reap the many benefits from cooling down the area to just soothing your mood when you relax outback.

North Carolina State University has covered many benefits of having healthy trees on your property from environmental to community to social and personal. There are many levels in which beautiful healthy trees can help you bloom as a person and feel better with your home, here are a few reasons why keeping your tree healthy is important.


  • Trees create natural shade. They block the sun so they can reduce the temperature by 10 degrees easily by blocking the sun’s rays from heating the surface. This can also help protect against glare from the sun.
  • Trees can become a natural boundary to noise. They not only absorb some of the noise, which is why when you hike among trees you don’t hear the highway. The noise would need to bounce off the trees and get to you, by then the sound waves have dissipated.
  • The most important resource that we get from trees is the creation of oxygen and the removal of carbon dioxide from the air. They also create a natural habitat for many animals who then help us as we benefit from a cycle of prey and predator.


  • With a well-kept lawn in your neighborhood, so long as everyone has good landscaping means that your home value will rise. This will increase the curb appeal and actually get the home sold faster.
  • Many communities tend to be more active when they are able to have access to shade easily. The more trees along main street the more individuals will walk around during the day rather than stay
    inside. This will not only benefit the health of the community but it will benefit the shops as well.


  • The presence of trees and plants naturally help boost your mood. They last a while and if you choose a blooming tree you will have a multi benefit on your property. You will have pleasant fragrance and shade.
  • Using the right trees will actually allow you to have a sense of privacy in your yard. For example, a row of Evergreens will deter people from trying to climb through but also block their view.

When it comes to the benefits of trees there are many more that range from lower electric bills to an increase in the ability to socialize while outside. These few points that we covered are some of the main reasons why many individuals enjoy the presence of trees in their lives. So, we believe that if you have a healthy tree, try to keep it healthy and kicking so you can enjoy the benefits for years to come. Call KMA Tree Service today at 978-373-1779 to learn what you can do to help your tree!