What is a Certified Arborist?

When you are looking for a professional to handle your tree trimming in NH or MA, there is one major aspect that helps set KMA apart from the rest. Owner, Kevin Amero holds the title as a certified arborist, and is a leading expert when it comes to proper tree care. What exactly is a certified arborist? Let’s explore more as to what the title entails, and why you should consider hiring one for all of your tree service needs.

Administered by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the arborist certification involves extensive education, knowledge, and experience in the art and science of trees. This includes aspects such as planting, caring for, and maintain a tree’s health throughout its entire life cycle. A certified arborist is highly knowledgeable about the needs of a tree, and is trained to provide the proper care for its specific condition or circumstance. Not only does one have to pass a comprehensive exam to become a certified arborist, but they are also required to stay up to date with best practices and studies with continuous education in the area of tree care.

While becoming a certified arborist is not a requirement for tree trimming in NH or MA, this voluntary process helps to provide the best services and care to customers and their trees. KMA is proud to have this certification behind its name, and sets the company apart from others in the tree service industry. Whether it is stump grinding, tree removal, or tree trimming in NH or MA, the team at KMA can guarantee the job is done properly every time.

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Spring Cleaning Your Landscape? Don’t Forget Tree Trimming!

It’s that time of year again! Now that the snow and ice have subsided, getting the yard back in shape in time for the warmer weather and backyard BBQs is a top priority for many. While laying down fresh mulch, or planting some new shrubs may seem like all you need to do for spring sprucing, your trees need some attention as well. Whether it’s entire removal or tree trimming in MA, KMA Tree Service is ready to bring your tree landscape back to life.

This past winter has taken its toll on landscapes, especially when it comes to trees. Many yards around New England are littered with heavy, broken and fallen branches, and even entire trees damaged by the heavy snow and ice. Not only can the task of trimming and removal be difficult, but it can also be extremely dangerous if it is not handled by a professional. Tree limbs can easily break and fall, putting anything in close proximity at risk for costly damage or injury. As a certified arborist, KMA owner Kevin Amero has both the knowledge and experience to make sure each job is handled with the specific care and attention needed for the job at hand.

Damaged or dangerous tree branches are not the only things that need some care and attention this spring, but ornamental trees as well. Tree pruning is another one of the many services that KMA offers in the realm of tree trimming in MA. There are many specific cuts and branches that need pruning in order for ornamental trees to grow and thrive. If an incorrect cut is made, it could lead to not only stunted growth, but even premature tree death. The team at KMA is equipped with the understanding of the needs of each individual tree variety, and can keep your landscape growing and thriving throughout the year.

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What’s the Difference Between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal?

When you are looking to rid your yard and landscape of unsightly tree stumps left from cutting, choosing between stump grinding or removal may be a tough decision if you are unaware of the differences. So which one should you choose? Here’s a look at the differences between stump grinding and stump removal, and why you should consider KMA for tree removal or stump grinding in MA.

Stump grinding is when a tree stump is cut just below ground level and sanded down. The remains are then covered with dirt, and eventually decay underground. The chips that are produced during the grinding process can then be used for mulching or ground covering. Stump grinding is a much more affordable and less invasive process for your yard than the task of complete removal. KMA can work with you to provide the best services for stump grinding in MA, and transform your landscape into everything you had imagined.

Stump removal differs from stump grinding since the entire stump and root ball are removed from the ground. This requires a lot more work and effort than you may think, since roots can extend four to 10 times the diameter of the tree depending on the variety. Not only does stump removal call for larger equipment, but it also leaves a large hole in your yard. This can require extra material and costs to fill in and dispose of the stump, resulting in more work than you may have intended.

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Winter Tree Trimming in MA

With the frigid temps, gusty winds, and record amounts of snowfall, trimming and pruning trees may be the last thing that’s on your mind. Truth is, winter is a crucial time to not only plan your landscape for the spring, but to also protect the safety of your home and family from fallen branches or even worse, the tree itself. Instead of braving the cold and the risks of serious injury, KMA Tree Services can help with all aspects of tree trimming in MA.

One potential problem that can arise, is when tree limbs start to overhang above the roof of your home. Snow and ice accumulation can cause these branches to break off, resulting in serious and costly damage. The benefit of hiring a certified arborist, such as the professionals of KMA, is the additional training and knowledge required when it comes to dealing with difficult tree service situations. This provides the extra security and peace of mind, knowing the job will be done right and safely the first time, every time.

Proper maintenance of trees can increase property value, and improve the overall look and feel of your landscape. Winter is actually a great time to start pruning trees in order to prepare for new growth once the warmer weather comes. However, it is extremely important that tree pruning is done correctly. If the wrong areas are treated or if cuts are not made correctly, it can have a detrimental effect, and significantly harm the health of the tree. KMA is here to brave the frigid temps, and prepare your landscape in order to look its best all year long.

Even a healthy tree can sometimes have dead or dying branches. As the tree grows, lower tree limbs are shaded from the new ones above, and aren’t allowed to grow and thrive. These limbs can not only be an eyesore, but can also become a hazard in the winter months. As the heavy snow and ice accumulates, these weak branches can break, putting whatever or whomever is in its path at risk for injury or damage. KMA can help remove these branches before problems arise, improving the health of the tree, and creating a safe environment.

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Looking For Winter Tree Removal in MA?

Winter can pose as a treacherous time when it comes to trees near and around your home. Heavy snow, ice, and heavy winds can create a recipe for disaster on trees, causing them to drop large branches or fall entirely. These types of incidents can endanger your home, vehicles, and family if they are not properly taken care of. Here are three reasons to consider KMA Tree Service for your tree removal in MA.

Certified Arborist

One thing that sets KMA Tree Service apart from the rest is the fact that owner and operator, Kevin Amero is a certified arborist. What does this mean for you? Becoming a certified arborist requires a higher degree of knowledge and understanding when it comes to the maintenance and treatment of trees. In addition to passing a formal exam, continuous education is also required in order to withhold the arborist certification. While this certification isn’t required for tree removal in MA, Kevin takes pride in offering the trusted knowledge and best experience that comes with the certification to each and every customer.

Years of Experience

In addition to being a certified arborist, KMA Tree Service also has the years of experience to back it up. Over 25 years in the business makes the KMA team well-versed in all aspects of tree services. If trees and branches are not removed properly, it can put your property and family at risk for damage or even injury. Years of experience in the field allows KMA to be at the forefront of safe and effective tree services, no matter the situation.

Fast & Accurate Service

The ever-changing New England weather can pose as a hazard for weak or damaged trees on or around your property. This is why it is important to have your tree removal services done accurately and promptly the first time. You never know when the next snow or ice storm or heavy winds are coming, and trusting the service of KMA will assure you the job is done correctly in no time.

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