Benefits of Healthy Trees

The benefits of plants are well known when it comes to what they can do for oxygen levels and cleansing the air. This is why many individuals have plants in various locations in their home so that they can bring in the positive energy and create an added oxygen benefits. Trees can offer many of the same benefits to the outside of your home. Healthy trees especially can create an oasis that you can be comfortable in many ways. Tree trimming in Haverhill, MA can help you keep beautiful healthy trees so you can reap the many benefits from cooling down the area to just soothing your mood when you relax outback.

North Carolina State University has covered many benefits of having healthy trees on your property from environmental to community to social and personal. There are many levels in which beautiful healthy trees can help you bloom as a person and feel better with your home, here are a few reasons why keeping your tree healthy is important.


  • Trees create natural shade. They block the sun so they can reduce the temperature by 10 degrees easily by blocking the sun’s rays from heating the surface. This can also help protect against glare from the sun.
  • Trees can become a natural boundary to noise. They not only absorb some of the noise, which is why when you hike among trees you don’t hear the highway. The noise would need to bounce off the trees and get to you, by then the sound waves have dissipated.
  • The most important resource that we get from trees is the creation of oxygen and the removal of carbon dioxide from the air. They also create a natural habitat for many animals who then help us as we benefit from a cycle of prey and predator.


  • With a well-kept lawn in your neighborhood, so long as everyone has good landscaping means that your home value will rise. This will increase the curb appeal and actually get the home sold faster.
  • Many communities tend to be more active when they are able to have access to shade easily. The more trees along main street the more individuals will walk around during the day rather than stay
    inside. This will not only benefit the health of the community but it will benefit the shops as well.


  • The presence of trees and plants naturally help boost your mood. They last a while and if you choose a blooming tree you will have a multi benefit on your property. You will have pleasant fragrance and shade.
  • Using the right trees will actually allow you to have a sense of privacy in your yard. For example, a row of Evergreens will deter people from trying to climb through but also block their view.

When it comes to the benefits of trees there are many more that range from lower electric bills to an increase in the ability to socialize while outside. These few points that we covered are some of the main reasons why many individuals enjoy the presence of trees in their lives. So, we believe that if you have a healthy tree, try to keep it healthy and kicking so you can enjoy the benefits for years to come. Call KMA Tree Service today at 978-373-1779 to learn what you can do to help your tree!

Is It Time For A Tree Removal in Amesbury MA?

When the trees in your yard begin to develop problems, it is difficult to decide when tree removal in Amesbury MA is necessary. Most of the time the tree does not look harmful, or in danger of falling. The tree that is in your yard is often one that has been there for a some time, having sentimental value. However maintaining an old tree can be costly! To decide whether to remove a tree, a number of questions need to be asked, the pros and cons weighed.

How healthy is the tree? If the tree is 50% or more damaged, it should be removed. A tree that is in decline can actually continue to survive for many years, however there will be limited or abnormal growth and appearance.

Is is a desirable species? Some “undesirable” trees include: black locust, Siberian elm, box elder, mulberry, poplars, Bradford pear, silver maple, tree of heaven, mimosa, catalpa, empress tree, and willows. These trees are usually characterized as undesirable because of their weak wood prone to frequent breakage, always dropping large quantities of debris, shallow roots that damage lawns and pavement, often infested with diseases or insects specific to the tree species or being an invasive species by prolific reseeding in the landscape.

Is the tree leaning? A sudden lean indicates breakage or weakening of roots. Leaning trees are quite hazardous and have the potential to cause a significant amount of damage. Therefore, the tree should be removed immediately. A lean of more than 15% from its initial vertical standpoint requires professional help.

Are there dead branches only on one side of the tree? If so, this is a symptom of root or trunk damage on a singular side. Lopsided trees are a potentially hazardous and should be evaluated by a certified arborist, like KMA Tree Service.

Is the tree under power lines? For safety reasons, trees under power lines should mature at heights less than 25 feet. During wet weather, electricity can arc a much as ten feet to wet tree foliage and ground out causing a power failure or property damage. This job can be very dangerous, for this reason, always hire a professional for these dangerous jobs.

Finally, some other considerations that can help you make a decision about tree removal in Amesbury MA include asking yourself: Is the location of the tree such that it interferes with sight lines in traffic flow, stoplights, etc.? Does the tree have historic or sentimental value? If you have questions about the health or safety of any trees near your home or office, consult a certified arborist, like KMA Tree Service, to have an onsite evaluation. For more information call today at (978) 912 7795.

The Importance of Pruning

Trees can sometimes be tricky, however the certified arborists at KMA Tree Service are here to answer all of your foliage questions! The most commonly asked is “should I have the trees in my yard pruned?” After all, trees growing in the forest are not pruned by anyone, and yet, they seem to grow just fine. The answer lies in the fact that trees within an urban landscape are under much different circumstances than trees growing in nature. Landscape trees grow much differently, therefore, tree services in MA are in order that including pruning!

Trees in a urban landscape setting tends to be planted with ample room around them, to then allow them to develop full crowns. Unlike trees in the forest that grow fast and tall to reach the sunlight before neighboring trees cut them out, sunlight is all around them. Therefore, branches grow outwards as well as upwards! Canopies can also become thick with interior branches that causes crossing and rubbing. The crowded interior growth often becomes shaded and dead branches, as a result of a maturing tree. The full sunlight can put different stresses on trees which can cause many types of problems, which then become amplified when they are close to targets like a building, power line, or parking lot.

Proper tree services in MA, like pruning, of commercial landscape trees, starting while they are young will give a tree a strong and attractive structure. Professionally pruned trees can live longer, with less serious insect and disease issues, and are able to cope with punishing winds and the weight of snow and ice.

What types of branches are typically pruned out of a tree to create a healthy structure?

  • Dead branches– these can be a source of insect and disease, as well as safety issues.
  • Rubbing or crossing branches– these types of branches can become weak and break, or become another entry point for disease
  • Interfering branches– branches that may be hanging down too low or getting too close to buildings
  • Large horizontal branches– excessive weight leads these types of branches to break.

For more information about pruning your commercial or residential landscape trees, call KMA Tree Service at (978) 912-7795 today!

Summer Tree Care: KMA Tree Service and Maintenance Tips

This season has been a hot one! The heat and dry weather of the summer months can have a very negative effect on trees and plants. Acquiring tree services in MA during the warm season is extremely important in order to keep them strong, healthy, and looking beautiful throughout the year.

Whether you need tree trimming, limb clearing, pruning or full tree removal, summer is the best time to focus on tree services in MA and care so that you have healthy trees year-round! It is definitely safe to say that KMA Tree Service knows a thing or two about tree maintenance. Here is a list of the best ways to care for your trees this summer:

Inspect your trees and shrubs.

Keeping an eye on your grass and flower beds are the easy part! In fact, this probably happens regularly, but remembering to look up once and a while to check the health of your trees can be easily forgotten. Especially after the harsh New England winter, it is important to check your trees for damage. Also, be sure to check for insect infestations and diseases, wounds, and decay. If there is any sign of concern, KMA Tree Service is here to help!

Prune dead or unsafe branches.

Not only does summer bring the sun, the sand and fun activities, it also brings in those strong summer storms! It is always the perfect time to prepare your trees for any weather that may come. Ridding the tree of unsafe, dead, damaged or diseased branches will help ensure the structure is strong and will also encourage healthy future growth.

Prune large established trees.

When it comes time to prune large trees, it is best to hire a qualified tree care professional who has the proper skill and equipment needed. When pruning your trees try to consider the natural form of the tree whenever possible. However, a professional tree service in MA, like KMA Tree Service, not only has the skill and proper equipment, they are also ISA Certified Arborists and therefore know what is best for your trees!

For more information about tree service in MA or other maintenance tips, contact KMA Tree Service at (978) 373-1779

The Importance of Professional Stump Grinding in MA

During the process of the tree removal most of the focus is on the tree itself. However, the stump that is left behind prevents you from making full use of the space they occupy and take away from the appearance of your property. Stump grinding in MA is crucial to the tree removal development for a number of reasons! Mowing around tree stumps and roots is not only dangerous but can cause damage to your lawnmower and yourself. Also, as the stump dries out over time, it attracts termites, beetles, ants and roaches, which can then cause those pests to move on to other wooden structures, including your home. Stumps that were left behind are also a new home for other unwanted creatures like, raccoons, squirrels or snakes.

Conclusively, it is more cost effective to remove the stump than ridding your property of unwanted insects or animals. There are options when thinking about stump grinding in Ma and removal.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

Sure it may save you a little money to try to do it yourself, but the process can be overwhelming, time consuming and perhaps dangerous. One way is by exposing as much of the stumps roots as you can by chopping through the stump and roots with an axe and loosening the soil as you swing away. After removing some of the root system you can continue to chop the side of the stump, however, expect to repeat these steps until you can push the stump over and then haul it away.

You could use chemicals to rot tree stumps, but that method takes a serious amount of time and can be harmful to your environment and the people around the area. The same goes for burning the stump.

Stump grinding is the most effective method for removing tree stumps from your property, however unless you personally own a stump grinder you would need to rent one. Expect a large piece of machinery! A rental company would need to deliver the grinder to you, adding an extra cost to this process. Finally, make sure you know exactly how to use the stump grinder by reading the instructions and asking the rental company to explain the use of the machine. A stump grinder can be dangerous if you do not use them correctly.

Hiring a Professional Tree Service

It is always best to hire a licensed, certified and experienced stump grinding and removal specialist to ensure that quality work is achieved in a safe manner. A professional company that specializes in tree services can remove stumps out without damaging structures in the area or harming your landscape. Experienced arborists use professional-grade, high tech machines that efficiently remove stumps below ground level by burrowing as they grind. They can quickly grinding stumps into wood mulch that you can use as a natural fertilizer for your garden, helping control weeds and keeping the soil moist.

Grinding stumps in MA can prevent roots and prepare your property for planting new grass, bushes, flowers or another tree! A nice, well kept yard increases property value and displays a healthy aesthetic..

For more information on stump grinding or other tree services call KMA Tree Service at 978-373-1779

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