Tree removal in MA from KMA

Looking For Winter Tree Removal in MA?

Winter can pose as a treacherous time when it comes to trees near and around your home. Heavy snow, ice, and heavy winds can create a recipe for disaster on trees, causing them to drop large branches or fall entirely. These types of incidents can endanger your home, vehicles, and family if they are not properly taken care of. Here are three reasons to consider KMA Tree Service for your tree removal in MA.

Certified Arborist

One thing that sets KMA Tree Service apart from the rest is the fact that owner and operator, Kevin Amero is a certified arborist. What does this mean for you? Becoming a certified arborist requires a higher degree of knowledge and understanding when it comes to the maintenance and treatment of trees. In addition to passing a formal exam, continuous education is also required in order to withhold the arborist certification. While this certification isn’t required for tree removal in MA, Kevin takes pride in offering the trusted knowledge and best experience that comes with the certification to each and every customer.

Years of Experience

In addition to being a certified arborist, KMA Tree Service also has the years of experience to back it up. Over 25 years in the business makes the KMA team well-versed in all aspects of tree services. If trees and branches are not removed properly, it can put your property and family at risk for damage or even injury. Years of experience in the field allows KMA to be at the forefront of safe and effective tree services, no matter the situation.

Fast & Accurate Service

The ever-changing New England weather can pose as a hazard for weak or damaged trees on or around your property. This is why it is important to have your tree removal services done accurately and promptly the first time. You never know when the next snow or ice storm or heavy winds are coming, and trusting the service of KMA will assure you the job is done correctly in no time.

For more information on tree removal in MA, call KMA Tree Service at 978-373-1779.