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Is It Time For A Tree Removal in Amesbury MA?

When the trees in your yard begin to develop problems, it is difficult to decide when tree removal in Amesbury MA is necessary. Most of the time the tree does not look harmful, or in danger of falling. The tree that is in your yard is often one that has been there for a some time, having sentimental value. However maintaining an old tree can be costly! To decide whether to remove a tree, a number of questions need to be asked, the pros and cons weighed.

How healthy is the tree? If the tree is 50% or more damaged, it should be removed. A tree that is in decline can actually continue to survive for many years, however there will be limited or abnormal growth and appearance.

Is is a desirable species? Some “undesirable” trees include: black locust, Siberian elm, box elder, mulberry, poplars, Bradford pear, silver maple, tree of heaven, mimosa, catalpa, empress tree, and willows. These trees are usually characterized as undesirable because of their weak wood prone to frequent breakage, always dropping large quantities of debris, shallow roots that damage lawns and pavement, often infested with diseases or insects specific to the tree species or being an invasive species by prolific reseeding in the landscape.

Is the tree leaning? A sudden lean indicates breakage or weakening of roots. Leaning trees are quite hazardous and have the potential to cause a significant amount of damage. Therefore, the tree should be removed immediately. A lean of more than 15% from its initial vertical standpoint requires professional help.

Are there dead branches only on one side of the tree? If so, this is a symptom of root or trunk damage on a singular side. Lopsided trees are a potentially hazardous and should be evaluated by a certified arborist, like KMA Tree Service.

Is the tree under power lines? For safety reasons, trees under power lines should mature at heights less than 25 feet. During wet weather, electricity can arc a much as ten feet to wet tree foliage and ground out causing a power failure or property damage. This job can be very dangerous, for this reason, always hire a professional for these dangerous jobs.

Finally, some other considerations that can help you make a decision about tree removal in Amesbury MA include asking yourself: Is the location of the tree such that it interferes with sight lines in traffic flow, stoplights, etc.? Does the tree have historic or sentimental value? If you have questions about the health or safety of any trees near your home or office, consult a certified arborist, like KMA Tree Service, to have an onsite evaluation. For more information call today at (978) 912 7795.