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Do I Need To Grind My Stump?

stump grinding in Newton, NHIf you are like the handful of homeowners with a yard and a tree, you have most likely come across a few issues. From tree trimming to tree removal, some problems just come with maintaining your tree to keep it healthy and safe for those around you. However, what do you do when you acquire a house that has only a stump out back?

If that is the case, it is time to consider stump grinding in Newton, NH. Many times stumps are harmless to the individual. They just sit there, not growing, and just take up space. But why should your grind up your stump?

  • Space

Your yard doesn’t usually have a lot of space. Once you remove the tree and have the stump left over, you still have a good portion in your yard that you cannot use for other means.


  • Liability

Though an exposed tree stump may not raise your insurance, it still increases your home’s liability. An individual could easily trip over the stump, particularly children if they are running and not paying attention. Also, if it is dark in the section of the yard, tripping is more likely.


  • Visual Appeal

Stumps take away the aesthetic beauty of your garden as well. When you have a visible stump, it can take away from the relaxing feel of your garden as the stump could start to decay.


  • New Growth

It doesn’t happen often, but new tree growth could begin around the location of the stump. If you removed the tree, then new trees wouldn’t necessarily be welcomed right away.


  • Habitat

A tree stump can be a habitat and future breeding ground for insects and other animals that may be unwelcome in your yard. Termites, in particular, could choose to call your tree stump home, which could lead to an infestation.


  • Mulch

When you decide to grind your stump, it can be used as mulch to help fertilize the rest of your yard. Once the stump gets ground, the roots left in the field are covered and will slowly begin to decay. The process will provide nutrients for anything else that you could want to grow in that section of the yard now.



Though stump grinding in Newton, NH is not a priority when it comes to maintaining a healthy tree, it is required to continue to maintain a healthy yard. It is best to do the removal and stump grinding all at once to ensure that the work finishes and that you will receive the best service. If you choose to wait, you could be enabling disaster.

KMA Tree Service can help. Whether you only need to grind the stump, or you want to remove the tree from your property entirely, we will help you get the yard you want. Call us today for fast, professional stump grinding in Newton, NH.

Things To Consider When Hiring An Arborist

tree removal in NHSpring is upon us, and it is a good time to take a look at the tree in your yard. If it survived the winter, when it begins to bud and leaves start to grow, it will be time to call an arborist soon. Many times, you cannot tell if your tree is suffering until the leaves come back. Even then to the untrained eye, it could be difficult to understand the extent of the damage. That is why it is good if you have any suspicion that your tree is in need of some help to call an arborist. If you never worked with an arborist before, it is important to know what they will do for you and your tree, whether it is pruning or tree removal in NH.

Many certified arborists will be upfront with you about whether you need just some pruning or whole tree removal. They will often do both for you when the time for either comes. Keep in mind that they will know the signs of tree rot better than you will, so even if the tree looks healthy, it may not be. Trust the experts.

If you require pruning, make sure that you are aware of how much they will take from the tree. When you trim your tree, it is best to keep it minimal unless necessary. If too many of the branches get cut, your tree will look unhealthy, and they may not grow back, so your tree will not continue to grow as it should.

Another thing to think about is if it keeps growing, how much will the tree obstruct? Power lines and pedestrians are a concern when your tree grows too much. Many arborists will be able to cut the tree just enough for the power lines to pass through without any danger. They will also be able to cut the lower branches, which will help any road obstructions.

If the arborist recommends that your tree gets removed, also think about stump removal. With tree removal in NH, it is easier to complete the removal all at once to be able to ensure absolute safety in your yard. Complete removal requires stump grinding and removal, which KMA Tree Services can do. Stumpwork will enable the tree to be utilized to the fullest potential after removal by allowing the tree to be used as mulch through the yard for further growth.

All of these things are important to think about as we enter spring and summer. Once the tree’s leaves are in full bloom, your local arborists can help you determine the best path for your tree if you think your tree is in need or pruning or tree removal. If you think you are in need of pruning, removal, or stump grinding in Newton, NH call KMA Tree Services today. Our professional ISA certified arborist will come to you for a free assessment of your tree and provide you an estimate today. You can visit us online or call us at (978)-912-7795.

Why You Should Invest in Tree Trimming

tree service in Newton, NHAnyone who owns property knows just how important it is to maintain each and every inch of it. Even the yard needs to be maintained every once in a while, which means dealing with bushes, trees, and grass. The upkeep can become tedious, which is why tree trimming is such a popular service. KMA Tree Services specializes in tree service in Newton, NH, and we believe tree trimming is a great investment. Allow us to explain why this service is so important below.

Trees Look Better

The most obvious benefit, of course, but important nonetheless! Once you invest in tree trimming, your trees will look their best and most polished. They will look prominent, in good shape, and have a much more pleasing aesthetic overall.

It Increases Safety

Keeping stray branches or trees in your yard is akin to leaving a ticking time bomb behind. When left unattended, trees can inflict some serious damage on property once they come undone. Proper maintenance will ensure that no stray branches or other pieces will pose safety threats.

Removal of Excess Material

Sometimes, there are hidden materials and roots that have no place in your yard anymore. A solid tree trimming or tree removal will ensure that any displeasing, excessive parts of trees will leave the yard. KMA Tree Services is ready to provide this type of quality tree service in Newton, NH.

It Promotes Growth

Removing dead, excessive, or rotted parts of your trees will help them grow exceptionally well. Trimming excess branches and other material provides plenty of room for roots to spread evenly and stay hydrated.

These are just some of the reasons that tree trimming is a quality investment. If you are seeking this or a similar tree service in Newton, NH, please give KMA Tree Services a call at (978)-373-1779!

Why Choose KMA Tree Service?

tree service in Newton, NHIf you require tree services, it can be difficult to find the right company to get the job done correctly. There are plenty of qualifiers to consider, and you should be very well aware of what your needs are from a company. We at KMA Tree Service are proud of our ability to provide many kinds of tree service in Newton, NH, and believe you should choose us for your next job.


KMA Tree Service has been in the business for quite a while. We have over 25 years of experience under our belt, which has helped us learn all kinds of tricks and trades and become the expert tree service providers we are today. You can trust us to do a thorough, well thought out job!

Plenty of Processes

We are happy to provide a variety of services for our customers. Whatever kind of tree service in Newton, NH you need, chances are KMA Tree Service can assist. From tree trimming to removal, we are equipped to do it all and leave you satisfied.

Customer Service Matters

We believe in providing quality service, sure, but we are also big fans of treating our customers right! We are happy to work with customers and collaborate to make the experience a good one. Our experts are professional and friendly, and you can always count on us to be courteous.


Keeping up with a budget is important, and we will gladly provide an estimate of our services to you so you can plan ahead. Once you get the figure we provide, you can decide if you need our services or not. Hopefully, it is to your satisfaction!

For just about any tree service in Newton, NH, we hope you consider KMA Tree Service for the job. To learn more about our company and services, please give us a call at (978)-373-1779!