Signs Of Bug Trouble In Your Tree

tree removal in NHIt is officially bug season, and it is time to pay attention to your trees so you can keep them safe. Bugs are some of the leading causes of diseases in your trees. Once the bugs get a hold of the tree they can cause many issues, from creating caverns in the tree to leaf problems. When the problem gets too out of hand, the only solution would be tree removal in NH, but you can stop the problem before getting to that point if you know what to observe.

Bugs are a natural part of nature, and a few is not an issue. When your tree becomes infested with the bugs is when the genuine issues begin. In New England, we do not have many problems that plague us, but we do have a few that will plague our trees. Here are a few bugs, listed by Bayer, that we think you will see as you tend to your trees.

Scale Insects

These insects form bumps on trees that could kill the tree if the infestation gets too bad. By sucking the juices from the plant, they can create black mold while attracting other insects like ants and wasps to them. They tend to feed on fruit trees and shade trees, and you can usually tell by looking at the bark or for yellowing/browning leaves. If you catch it early enough, you can try to identify the insect and use the proper spray or treatment options.

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

Caterpillars are adorable and turn into butterflies or moths. Either way there is a 50/50 chance on what they turn into, and for the most part, they are harmless. However, the Eastern Tent Caterpillar attacks trees throughout the early spring in the Northeast. A colony of these guys will typically spin nests in younger trees and feed off of the leaves like normal. However, where there are so many of them, they end up killing the young tree. The trees they tend to nest in include the birch, maple, oak, and some fruit trees like the apple tree – a lot of trees that are common in our backyards. The best you can do is to try to remove any of these webs when you first see them starting to form.

Emerald Ash Borer

Getting to the more invasive side of the bug issue with many trees, we get to the Emerald Ash Borer. This beetle is only about ½ an inch long, but it is the larva that you need to observe. These larvae eat the “tissue beneath the bark that moves water through the tree.” The only way to notice these guys would be their effect on an already dying canopy. However, once they get seen, trees could die within a couple of years. There is no way to prevent these bugs, other than insecticide treatments which will allow for them to die off, but it is only really worth it if the tree is still living.

Nature is beautiful and horrifying. When it comes to being able to figure out how to protect your trees, it comes to knowing the common bugs in the area. You will also need to talk to your arborist to see what trees you have. You can then do some research about what may affect your trees. As always, talk to KMA Tree Service and we will be able to help you find out if there is a chance of saving your trees or if you need tree removal in NH.

Why You Should Invest in Tree Trimming

tree service in Newton, NHAnyone who owns property knows just how important it is to maintain each and every inch of it. Even the yard needs to be maintained every once in a while, which means dealing with bushes, trees, and grass. The upkeep can become tedious, which is why tree trimming is such a popular service. KMA Tree Services specializes in tree service in Newton, NH, and we believe tree trimming is a great investment. Allow us to explain why this service is so important below.

Trees Look Better

The most obvious benefit, of course, but important nonetheless! Once you invest in tree trimming, your trees will look their best and most polished. They will look prominent, in good shape, and have a much more pleasing aesthetic overall.

It Increases Safety

Keeping stray branches or trees in your yard is akin to leaving a ticking time bomb behind. When left unattended, trees can inflict some serious damage on property once they come undone. Proper maintenance will ensure that no stray branches or other pieces will pose safety threats.

Removal of Excess Material

Sometimes, there are hidden materials and roots that have no place in your yard anymore. A solid tree trimming or tree removal will ensure that any displeasing, excessive parts of trees will leave the yard. KMA Tree Services is ready to provide this type of quality tree service in Newton, NH.

It Promotes Growth

Removing dead, excessive, or rotted parts of your trees will help them grow exceptionally well. Trimming excess branches and other material provides plenty of room for roots to spread evenly and stay hydrated.

These are just some of the reasons that tree trimming is a quality investment. If you are seeking this or a similar tree service in Newton, NH, please give KMA Tree Services a call at (978)-373-1779!

Why Choose KMA Tree Service?

tree service in Newton, NHIf you require tree services, it can be difficult to find the right company to get the job done correctly. There are plenty of qualifiers to consider, and you should be very well aware of what your needs are from a company. We at KMA Tree Service are proud of our ability to provide many kinds of tree service in Newton, NH, and believe you should choose us for your next job.


KMA Tree Service has been in the business for quite a while. We have over 25 years of experience under our belt, which has helped us learn all kinds of tricks and trades and become the expert tree service providers we are today. You can trust us to do a thorough, well thought out job!

Plenty of Processes

We are happy to provide a variety of services for our customers. Whatever kind of tree service in Newton, NH you need, chances are KMA Tree Service can assist. From tree trimming to removal, we are equipped to do it all and leave you satisfied.

Customer Service Matters

We believe in providing quality service, sure, but we are also big fans of treating our customers right! We are happy to work with customers and collaborate to make the experience a good one. Our experts are professional and friendly, and you can always count on us to be courteous.


Keeping up with a budget is important, and we will gladly provide an estimate of our services to you so you can plan ahead. Once you get the figure we provide, you can decide if you need our services or not. Hopefully, it is to your satisfaction!

For just about any tree service in Newton, NH, we hope you consider KMA Tree Service for the job. To learn more about our company and services, please give us a call at (978)-373-1779!

Best Trees for Massachusetts Climate

While winter is around the corner, it is never too early to start planning for next spring. When spring rolls around it is time for some tree service in Merrimac Valley and we will be ready to go for all of your needs coming out of whatever this winter will bring. One thing that you should start thinking about is if you want to plant a tree in your yard next year, especially if you found a spot this year that you think will benefit from some extra shade.

When you look for a tree to grow in your yard they usually come with a list of zones that they will grow well in. These zones range from zone 3-9 in the United States. The map can change because the zones are typically stated based on weather patterns and the average low of the temperatures in the area. Take a look at the map from the Arbor Day foundation for a better idea. Typically, Massachusetts can grow trees good for zones 6/7 or so as this can vary.

Kousa Dogwood

One of the many species of dogwood trees that are available, the Kousa Dogwood is also know as the Japanese Dogwood (cornus kousa). This tree will provide you yard with year round beauty due to its unique late-blooming flowers. The purple and scarlet fall leaves will allow you to have beauty in the later months, then the white flowers will allow some fragrant lovely ambiance. Being naturally deer resistant, they are a hardy tree.

Zone: 5-8

Height: 15-25’

Spread: 25’

Northern Red Oak

A taller tree, the Northern Red Oak (Quercus Rubra) will provide you with plenty of shade this summer. Having a beautiful red color in the fall, this fast growing tree will last years in your year. Giving the right amount of height and spread this tree is a good “street” tree as it handles compacted soil and pollution quite nicely.

Zones: 3-8

Height: 60-75’

Spread: 45’

Eastern Redbud

The Eastern Redbud (cercis Canadensis) is a beautiful tree that has delicate pink blossoms and buds turning into heart-shaped leaves that will add a dramatic feel to any home. The trunk typically divides close to the ground allowing the tree to make a statement with many “trunks” and branch patterns where no tree is the same. Usually with a flat-topped crown the tree is not the largest tree so it will not provide much shade, but it will add some beauty to your home.

Zones: 4-9

Height: 20-30’

Spread: 25-35’

Prairifire Flowering Crabapple

The Prairifire Flowering Crabapple (Malus ‘prairifire’) tree is a good tree if you would like to bring more wildlife into your yard. With bright red flowers, it is a hardy tree that can handle many different conditions that can be thrown at it. Producing crab apples, the tree will surely bring in some wildlife for you and your family to enjoy. The dark red-maroon leaves will turn to a dark green color as the fall continues.

Zones: 6-8

Height: 15-0’

Spread: 15’

With plenty more trees to choose from, these four trees are just a taste of what you can plant in Massachusetts. Do some research, there are plenty of trees for shade, floral or even fruit that you can decide which one would do best for your yard and your family.

If you have any more questions about tree service in Merrimac Valley call KMA Tree Services today at 978-373-1779 for an estimate on any work you need done.

An ISA Arborist

When you are considering tree removal in MA, there are many options and qualifications to look at. At KMA Tree Service we pride ourselves at being a ISA certified Arborist. This is a special level of competency for anyone who services your trees in your home. When you go through a tree service you want to make sure that they are an ISA certified Arborist. But why?

You most likely have two questions. What does ISA certified imply? Then what is an arborist? For those who don’t know or just want a refresher her is some good information for you to know!

ISA Certified

When you are ISA certified it means that you are certified by one of the largest consortiums of Arboriculture that is around. ISA stands for the International Society of Arboriculture.

The definition of Arboriculture according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica is the “cultivation of trees, shrubs, and woody plants for shading and decorating.” Arboriculture is the basis of the ISA. The mission of the ISA is “through research, technology, and education, the International Society of Arboriculture promotes the professional practice of arboriculture and fosters a greater worldwide awareness of the benefits of trees.” Started 90 years ago the ISA has continued to work to certify individuals in the proper way to groom and remove trees while respecting their importance to the environment.

Though being certified is optional, the certification allows you to prove that you have gone above and beyond the requirements of your job. The certification shows that you have a high degree of knowledge and skills about maintaining, caring for and working with trees to make the best decisions.

When you work with an ISA certified arborist you are working with the best.

So an arborist is….

An arborist according to is a “specialist who focus’ on the planting, care and maintenance of individual trees in order to improve tree health, growth, and aesthetics.” By this definition any individual who works and has knowledge about the pruning, removal and overall care of the tree can be considered an arborist. Arbor is an old word for trees, as many cities honor arbor day by planting many trees.

When you consider getting tree work on you tree it is best to call the neighborhood arborist. As they are trained to notice the signs of a dying and decaying tree they are the only ones who could tell you the best method in saving your tree. However, at KMA Tree Service we recommend finding an arborist who is also ISA certified. This will ensure that the individual is trained and has the knowledge required for your tree needs. Needing to follow the ISA Certified Arborist Code of Ethics, the arborist is needed follow a guide and various points of reference for their day to day work. This code of ethics “helps maintain consistency around the world and create an even playing field for all ISA Certified Arborists” according to the ISA.

By following these standards KMA Tree Service is able to provide our clients with an experience that will be done right the first time. When it is time for tree removal in MA, give an ISA certified arborist like KMA Tree Service a call at 979-373-1779.

Professional, Friendly & Certified